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Covid-19 Testing for weddings
Covid-19 Testing for events
Covid-19 Testing for Conference

305CovidTest offers the best available COVID-19 testing solutions for event hosts, guests, vendors and venues.    We can provide testing solutions for small, medium or large events such Conventions, Tradeshows, Conferences, Productions, Concerts, Corporate Meetings & Events, Government & Local Events, Charitable & Fundraising Events, Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and more.  We will help you customize and implement the right testing protocol for your event.    Our team will handle your testing needs from beginning to end working together with your on-site event manager, security staff, event coordinator or wedding planner to ensure a safe and worry free event. 

Rapid Antigen Testing:  our testing staff arrives on-site to administer rapid Antigen COVID-19 tests for your guests or staff and processes results for each guest within 15 minutes or less.  Our staff can test your guests at their hotel accommodations, your event venue, an outdoor tent structure or as a drive-up testing service.  Click here to learn more about the BD Veritor Plus Antigen Test.

PCR Testing:  administered on-location or in-office PCR tests are processed by our lab technicians and each result is provided within 20 minutes.  Depending on the size of the event, all guests results are available within 24 hours or less.  Our staff can test your guests at their hotel accommodations, at the event venue, or in our local testing office.   Click here to learn more about the Abbott ID NOW PCR Test.

All individuals tested receive emailed results in order to be permitted and approved to enter into the event or production set.  The event host is notified if someone tests positive for covid-19.  

The safety of your event and your piece of mind is our #1 priority – from the event host to the guests to the vendors to the venue.  305CovidTest will help you create a safe & worry-free environment.

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